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Ice cream and the dog park

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful! Like summer in the fall. Possibly summer's last hurrah until next year. Just earlier in the week, I had made the call that it was getting too cold for sandals, but with the 80 degree weather, I excitedly took them out again. And the t-shirt and tank top and shorts. Everyone knows that making faux summer complete also requires real ice cream. So yesterday, my fiance and I made a trip to my favorite local ice cream shop, Milk Sugar Love for some delicious ice cream on our way to the dog park with this handsome pooch.

That's Gadget. An adorable schnoodle with a lot of personality that we are dog sitting for the week. In addition to ice cream for humans, Milk Sugar Love also sells "puppy froyo". When we got to the front of the store, we saw another dog happily chowing down on it so we were excited to get some for Gadget too. It didn't really look like what my imagination conjured up when I thought "froyo", but it was definitely frozen and I think I heard some mention of bacon. 

Heart shaped puppy froyo. Little bone shaped cookies already knocked off.

Heart shaped puppy froyo. Little bone shaped cookies already knocked off.

Alas, after a couple of licks, Gadget decided he wasn't going to have any of it. We then offered it to a golden retriever mix who stopped by and happily snapped it up in one bite.

Too cool for ice cream.

As always, the dog park was a fun place to hang out for awhile on a Sunday afternoon. I mean, is there really a downside to watching and petting cute dogs?

This puppy greeted every new dog that came into the park.

I hear tripping over untied shoelaces is not a real thing.

Not quite tall enough to reach the water fountain.

The end of a faux summer day.