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A beautiful sunset

If you're reading this, then hello! Welcome to my shiny new website and my first blog post. So, I've never been much of a blogger. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences with strangers has always felt a bit weird to me. So why this site? Why this blog?

Well, I love photography and with pictures, I often feel there is a story to be told. Sharing only the one or two most standout photos from a set in an online gallery is nice, but I've sometimes felt they lacked the context and background that would make them so much more interesting. So, this is the place where I'll share those stories and post about my adventures as I continue to learn and grow as a photographer. Follow along if you'd like, or not.

I may post about some of my more recent happenings when I get some time, but for now, I'll just start with a picture of an absolutely amazing (or "stunning" to echo Gordon Ramsay) sunset from this evening.

Manhattan looking breathtaking along the Hudson River.

Catching this was a complete stroke of luck. It had rained the entire day today and as far as I figured, it was still raining. Still at work late, I happened to turn my head towards the window and saw this beautiful sky. My jaw dropped. I'm pretty sure it actually did. Luckily, I had my X100 camera with me and I decided right then and there it was time to leave. I grabbed my things and made my way out to a terrace as quickly as I could before the sun could set too low.