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This weekend, I did a photo shoot of The Most Adorable Puppy Ever ™. Yes, I challenge anyone to say otherwise. Or let me take pictures of your puppy and I'll let you know :). Our friends were lucky we didn't end up secretly kidnapping the puppy at the end of the session!

Meet Tetris.

Puppy's five seconds in the basket.

Prior to the shoot, I had all of these ideas for cute poses we could try, along with props to use like hats, scarves, a basket, toys, and an outfit. My always awesome fiance lugged all this stuff around while I took pictures. I'd done a bit of research on dog photography and also bought some treats, which I thought along with the toys, could be used to convince the puppy to do things like get into a basket or look at the camera. Little did I realize, puppies are super hard to control! Tetris had boundless energy and was so excited by all of the leaves and sticks suddenly around him (hilariously, no stick was too big). After many attempts to tempt Tetris into the basket, we finally got him to stay in there for about five seconds. Other things like the hat were mostly no go's. I gave up after awhile and decided to just hope to catch memorable shots while he went about doing his normal puppy things. Lesson learned!

Overall, TONS of fun!