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Autumn Camping

Two weekends ago, we went camping at Worthington State Forest - within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Our campground was situated right next to the Delaware River. Overall, a very scenic park. The thing I love most about camping and hiking so late in the season is the absolutely gorgeous fall foliage in all shades of gold, orange, and red. The cold temperatures at night on the other hand are a different story...

This is a view of the mountains from our campsite.

We also had an awesome dog along for the fun. Bella, a tiny chihuahua, impressively managed to scale a 1000+ foot mountain with us and back down. On her little legs!

In addition to eating copious amounts of food (including delicious campfire S'mores), our weekend consisted of hiking, playing with light painting at night, and Cards Against Humanity. I'd never done light painting before, but decided to try it out on a whim. We mostly used headlamps and also tested out a couple of flashlights. It evolved into sort of a "game" where someone would draw something in the dark and we'd try to guess what it was before the exposure finished. My takeaway - definitely pretty cool and a lot of fun to experiment with. I'll have to think about doing something more creative with it in the future.

My fiance showing off an "aerial".

Off on a hike.

Beautiful forest.


Somehow, the combination of darkness + headlamps + a camera led to this.

Use your imagination. I like to think of this as "escaping a bear / ghost / zombie attack".